The excuse


Every Stockholmer has at one time or another uttered the words: “Fucking SL”. This was the spark that lit up this idea. Because everyone has at some point in their life blamed SL as the reason of being late. And this is one of the most bulletproof causes there is when you live in Stockholm. Based on this insight we created the campaign “SL – the excuse that always works”. We wanted people who’s running late to feel “no worries”, because they could always blame SL without being questioned.

The brief was to inform people in Stockholm about future major renovations of the public transportation – during the summer of 2022. And at the same time build liking. The campaign was very successful and reached 1,1 million people. Every snapchat user recognized the campaign and saw it four times on an average.

And remember, next time you’re late – you can always blame SL.