The non-alcoholic Christmas beer

Familjen & Alla Kvinnors Hus

During the Holidays, reports of violence in close relationships increases exponentially and people's increased alcohol consumption during the same period is often a contributing factor. To shed light on the matter, we collaborated with a artisanal brewery in Ekerö to produce a non-alcoholic Christmas beer where all proceeds would go to non profit Alla Kvinnors Hus.

En vit julöl, låda

"We come in contact with people on a daily basis that are experiencing abuse in their own home where the perpetrator has been under the influence of alcohol. "
Ann Isaksson, Operations Manager at Alla Kvinnors Hus.

The non-alcoholic Christmas beer branded "En Vit Julöl" meaning a white Christmas beer, was up for sale on the website leading up to the holiday weekend of 2021. The website, brand and packaging was developed by us at Familjen as a non-for profit initiative to support the important work of Alla Kvinnors Hus.

Familjens arbete med The non-alcoholic Christmas beer Familjens arbete med The non-alcoholic Christmas beer