All the jobs that were lost during the pandemic, aren't coming back. With the ‘Banbrytarna’ concept, Arbetsförmedlingen* wants to inject courage in those who became unemployed during the corona crisis and get them to open up to the idea of changing careers (‘byta bana’ in Swedish).

*Swedish Public Employment Service

Arbetsförmedlingen, kampanjen Banbrytarna

With honest stories, from real people at different stages of their working lives, we want to wash away taboos about "being between jobs" and normalize the idea of changing career paths during a work life. Our different ‘banbrytare’ give their view on what it's actually like to change careers. It’s a historic time in the labour market. There are stories to tell.

‘Banbrytarna’ will primarily reach those at risk of long-term unemployment and increase their interest in changing career paths, and in the long term, get more people to take a step on the path. Arbetsförmedlingen has a range of digital services to guide everybody forward.

Familjens arbete med Banbrytarna Familjens arbete med Banbrytarna Familjens arbete med Banbrytarna