The resurrection

SL & Waxholmsbolaget

It happened. Finally. After 1.5 years of talking about not traveling together, Trafikförvaltningen could finally welcome people back to a restriction-free travel. It became especially important to emphasize this message during holidays when many people usually travel.

The resurrection

Public transportation's resurrection came at the perfect timing when Halloween was around the corner, and thus the campaign had a natural expression inspired by horror and mystery. At the same time, we raised a message that is a wink to Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, but also coincides with our clients' core business. Namely, to pick up people and drive them to another, sometimes unknown place.

The campaign spread out over Stockholm for 2 weeks during Halloween 2021. At night the campaign went digitally outdoor and on social media but it was also published in daily press. Even though Halloween is over, the public transport continues to pick up people. Again.

Familjens arbete med The resurrection Familjens arbete med The resurrection