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Selected cases

Get yourself together

Get yourself together

Waxholmsbolaget skärgårdskarta

The Ferry Network Map

AIK identitet

A font for the masses

Re-chargeable Freedom

Re-chargeable Freedom

The resurrection

The resurrection
SL & Waxholmsbolaget

En vit julöl, låda

The non-alcoholic Christmas beer
Familjen & Alla Kvinnors Hus

More cases

Typeface design

This is us

A colleague sitting with her computer on the floor
A person taking a photograph
A colleague sitting with her computer
A group of colleagues in the dining room
A happy woman moutain climbing
A colleague with a dog by their desk
Two hard working designers on a sofa
Screen shot of a video meeting of 2 dogs and a cat
Cool sneaker and a large printer
Two advertisers working hard. One has a dog.
A project manager with a coffe and laptop
A women doing yoga and a goat watching
A person holding up a lamp that looks like a smiley
A strong guy lifting beer
Two colleagues in the kitchen
Neon light and a guy with a glass of water
A motion designer with a troll wig
People hiking on mount Kebnekajse
A happy employee at a party
Two women celebrating